Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


                It is with a heavy heart to write this newsletter to you.  As most of you have heard already, our Board of Directors have decided to dissolve “Living Hope Native Ministry, Inc.”  It is a decision that they felt led to do and we are sad for this decision but will honor and respect it.  We truly feel God has led us here to the Apache Reservation for a purpose and though we have many heart aches here and struggle we are confident in knowing this is where we are needed and wanted.

We have become so involved in the lives of the Apache families and we can see so many positive changes.  They may be slow at times but after seven years here we can see and feel how God is working in their lives and how God is leading us to help change their focus of defeat to God’s Hope.  We have been blessed by our families as they call us mom & dad now and their children call us Grandma and Grandpa.  What an honor to hold that place in their hearts, that they know  we will discipline as well as love them and guide them in their walk with Jesus.  They are learning (although sometimes slowly) to take responsibility for their actions and trying to walk a faithful walk as all of us desire to do.


                It is with your love and support over the years that we have been able to be here and do what we do. Remember… satan hates that we are here and doing God’s work to glorify Him.  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy! John 10:10.   We are very grateful for what we are going through right now because it has definitely brought us to our knees and has brought us closer to Him and His promises that He never leaves us. It has shown the Apache people that we actually follow our own teaching and trusting in the Lord for all things and to Praise His name at all times.   It has strengthened our marriage and our relationship with our children and it has opened the door to more friendships and brought people together in love.  We give Praise to Jesus in All circumstances.  We Love our Heavenly Father and desire to honor him. We are learning and growing and though we have made mistakes we truly have a desire to make things right. 


                  We are still very excited with our Bible studies as so many are truly hearing and understanding God’s word and reading and studying the Bible more.   Quote from one of the new ladies in our Bible study on Wednesday “Where cud I get/buy one of dem booklets? I really enjoy dis stuff!” The study book is “Growing Through Life’s Challenges” by James and Martha Reapsome.  Praise Jesus!! Our ladies have also asked us to start a cooking class so they can learn to cook more. Praise Jesus, that’s right up mine and Karen’s alley as we both love to cook, so we are in the process of starting that and working together to make it happen. 


We pray that you will keep us in your prayers and, if led by God, to stay the course with us in our ministry.  We do not feel we are to leave what we are doing at this time, just listening to God’s plans for us. Thank you for all your prayers of support as we know that that is the only thing that gets us through each day.  We love where we’re at and feel we still have a long way to go until we get to Heaven’s gates.


                Continue to pray for Gods will and His direction of where we go from here and hopefully soon we will have a new plan in place. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call anytime or send us an e-mail. If you have a desire to continue to support us to be here on the reservation you can send your donations to:


Jerome Christian Church
              c/o Kurt & Kelle Foland
             P.O Box 127
             Greentown, IN 46936


                Jerome Christian Church has graciously accepted to help us through this change in our ministry and we give them our heartfelt Thanks and appreciation.


                Our home address will still be the same:


                Kurt & Kelle Foland
               3111 W. Young St.
                Show Low, AZ 85901

                928-532-0478 home

                928-205-3793 Kurt

                928-205-3794 Kelle




In God’s Love,


Kurt, Kelle, Brandon, Krisdon and Precious